Travels through Life, Universe, and the Internet

This will be my place to record musings about my life. I hope to talk about what occupies my day; work, dinner, cocktails, family, home, fun time, vacation, etc. I will probably start out talking about cooking which is necessary to sustain life and where I spend a lot of time thinking about what to cook next. Recently, I have been exploring the world of craft cocktails. I view it as an extension of cooking as it is all about taste and technique. It is just not necessary to have a cocktail every day. But that could be entertaining.

I also hope to ponder ideas for vacations, home improvements, and just what to do for fun on the weekend. Why am I doing all this? I am not sure, but maybe it is just a way to organize my thoughts and refer back to it every now and then. Maybe a way to share my thinking with the rest of my family. We shall see as we begin and see where it leads.

2 responses to “About

  1. I look forward to checking this out more ….thanks for sharing!!! – Anne

  2. Jean Ann

    HI. I live in the Park too! Just discovered your website. Thanks!!

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