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Kielbasa Breakfast Skillet

It’s noon and I do not know what to make for dinner. Also, I did not thaw anything either. Nor do I want to stop at the store on the way home. The only meat that is not frozen is kielbasa. Now, some nice shrimp, peppers, kielbasa shish kabobs would be tasty. But no shrimp and refer back to not wanting to stop at the store. Oh well, another time.

I am definitely lazy today, so let’s also cut down on the clean up too, That means a one pan meal, let’s go for a kielbasa breakfast skillet! Easy to prepare and just one pan.


  • 1 lb kielbasa
  • 2 potatoes
  • 1/2 green bell pepper
  • 1/2 red bell pepper
  • 1 small yellow onion
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • Seasonings


  1. Cook your eggs the way you like them and set aside
  2. Slice the kielbasa into 1/4 inch rounds, cook in the pan, set aside
  3. Dice the potatoes into 1/4 inch cubes, toss with oil, cook in oven
  4. Dice the onions and peppers into 1/4 inch pieces
  5. Saute in butter for 3 minutes
  6. Add the potatoes
  7. Add the kielbasa
  8. Season everything the way you like it
  9. Top with eggs
  10. Top with shredded sharp cheddar
  11. Slide under the broiler until cheese is melted
  12. Serve with breakfast bread of your choice!

There, that was not too bad. Whew, I am done for the day. Oh yeah, I am sure there is some chores to do. But then, there is a book calling to me. Decisions, decisions…..

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Easy Steak Dinner

Mondays can be difficult. Most of the time I want nothing to do with cooking after a challenging Monday at work. However, I usually want the comfort of home after such a day… so cook I must. Looking back over my food  in months past, I see a trend. I tend to cook with beef on Monday, my subconscious must find those food items easy to cook, or find them comforting. Let’s see I usually cook steak, hamburgers, tacos…yep both easy and comforting.

So, to make it easy, we are having steak. I need to stop at Safeway on the way home and pick up something tasty. Safeway has some decent beef, so not really a desperate choice at all. After browsing all the delicious red flesh, I settled on some well marbled ribeyes. They were a bit thin for my tastes, but should do nicely. I think thin steaks are more challenging to cook than thick ones. The line between juicy medium rare and dry medium done is a very thin one and easy to cross in no time at all. This means I need to babysit them and not be running back and forth tending other dishes.

So that leads me to roasted red potatoes and green beans. The first is able to take care of itself hanging out in the oven. The second item after its initial preparation can finish in less than two minutes.

I quarter the potatoes and put them in a gallon ziploc bag. I douse them with olive oil and grind fresh Tellicherry peppercorns and throw in some salt. I shake to coat, dump them out on a pan, and shove them into a 375 degree oven for at least 30 minutes or so.

For the green beans, I boil them in salted water for 7 minutes and shock them in ice water to stop them cooking. I then melt butter and saute garlic for 30 seconds. I add the juice of a lemon and a tablespoon of honey and throw in a handful of sliced almonds. I let these flavors meld for two minutes and then toss the green beans back in to heat and coat with all the goodness.

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Travels through Life, Universe, and the Internet

This will be my place to record musings about my life. I hope to talk about what occupies my day; work, dinner, cocktails, family, home, fun time, vacation, etc. I will probably start out talking about cooking which is necessary to sustain life and where I spend a lot of time thinking about what to cook next. Recently, I have been exploring the world of craft cocktails. I view it as an extension of cooking as it is all about taste and technique. It is just not necessary to have a cocktail every day. But that could be entertaining.

I also hope to ponder ideas for vacations, home improvements, and just what to do for fun on the weekend. Why am I doing all this? I am not sure, but maybe it is just a way to organize my thoughts and refer back to it every now and then. Maybe a way to share my thinking with the rest of my family. We shall see as we begin and see where it leads.

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