Cocktail Craves

This is where I will add links to drinks, bars, and retailers to try.

Summer Scotch Cocktails

In Search of the Ultimate Mojito

American Bonded

Death and Co Denver

Booz Hall

Bramble and Hare

Denver Arts Bar

Ciroc French Vanilla Cocktails

Five Scotch Classics and their Riffs

Cherry Heering Cocktails

Recreating Rare Four Roses Bourbon Blends


Union Lodge

Millers & Rossi

RiNo Yacht Club

Occidental Bar

Tuxedo Cocktail

Mastering the Zombie

Mastering the Mai Tai

Best Daiquiri Recipes

Whiskey Peach Smash

20 best maraschino cocktails

20 best cherry brandy cocktails

Rocker Spirits

Pineapple Cocktails

The West End Tavern

Homemade Irish Cream

What to Do with Old Tom Gin

Apple Cider Whiskey Cocktail

National Honey Month Drambuie Cocktails

Drambuie Collins

Rum Cocktails by Rum Style

8 Best Tiki Drinks Denver


Frozen Matter

Mastering the Mai Tai

Sin Nombre

The Fort’s Hailstorm Cocktail

Mancini Cocktail

Bittered Bourbon Peanuts

Spring Cocktails from Ocean Prime NYC

Get your Kicks with Route 66 Cocktails

Dorothy Michaels Cocktail

Swig Home Bartending 101: The Aviation

Contemporary Classic Cocktails

Bourbon Cherry Cooler

“All in the Family” Winter Bourbon Cocktail

Swig Home Bartending 101: The Manhattan

Vintage Cocktail Books Online

Strongbow Ciders

Swig Home Bartending 101: The Old Fashioned

Legendary local bartender Lisa Johnson

Gramercy Tavern Cocktail

Morgenthaler’s Hot Toddy

Whiskey Sour Riffs

What to do with Creme de Violette

What to do with Strega

Bulldog Modern Gin and Tonic

Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Cocktails

Green Russell

Americano Cocktail

Terminal Bar

Molly’s Spirits

What to do with Sloe Gin

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