Siena and Montepulciano

10/8. After wandering around the campo and Duomo of Siena, we decided to head over to the hill town of Montepulciano. Or rather, we gambled and after using my limited Italian to secure a late dinner reservation at Osteria dell’ Aquacheta, a Rick Steve’s recommendation, we programmed the route into the Opel’s GPS and off we went. Very winding back roads, but made it to the town. These hill towns let you park outside their medieval gates and walk (ok hike) in. Montepulciano is known for a particular type of wine. The town was quaint, and had a fort at the end. Its most amazing feature was the view. Everywhere was a panoramic point, so we took lots of pictures.

Our dinner reservation wasn’t until 9:15, and for those of you who know us well, that’s really, really late for us, so with time to kill, we decided to drive the countryside a bit. Let’s just say dark winding Italian roads, roundabouts with many exits, and rumbling tummies. Returned in time for a wonderful long dinner of Steak! And then a long winding road back to San Gimignano by 3am. Needless to say, taking it easy a bit the next day. One note: Never fail to turn down a little street or you might miss the chocolate shop!

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