The Appian Way and Villa Borghese

So silly us. “It can’t be that far, let’s walk to the Appian Way and catacombs.” Sure. 5 miles one way. Along the way, we walked by the Circus Maximus, imagining chariot races. Stopped to get a walking breakfast required more Italian than I know, but the shopkeeper was very gracious anyway.  The road was beautiful on this early morning, even if we can’t understand why the Italians rush everywhere. Maybe because they are not on vacation! The tour of the catacombs was wonderful. 12 miles of underground crypts, with 4 levels dating back to the 1st century A. D. Before A.D. people were placed in “Cities of the dead.” Took the bus back to the city because five miles! Then a quick trip up to the garden of eden, or Villa Borghese. Yes, more sculptures! Our doggies were dragging, so after a peep at the Spanish Steps, and quick snaps of the Keats-Shelly House and Casa Byron, stopped to have gelato at Venchi. Delicious! Dragged ourselves back to Trastavere, and are now sprawled on the bed. A very good day.

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