10/2 Pompei Scavi

Today was all about Pompei, and a train adventure on the way back. First of all, Pompei is much bigger than I expected. I could have spent many days wandering the streets and discovering hidden wonders. The theater district was unexpected. The Grand Teatro held 5000 people, but right next to it was the much more intimate Odeion which was for singers and poets. The Frescoes were amazing with bright colors after 2000 years. The casts of people covered in ash caught at the moment of death were rather sad. If you are ever in Italy, it is a must. On the way Bach we experienced the not so regular Italian train system. It took us over two hours to go what should have been 20 minutes. We were packed body to body in a very hot train where you literally could not move. That is an adventure I do not wish to repeat any time soon. I think we will take the ferry back to Naples.
Just a little more about Pompeii. It’s enormous. Really. Streets and thoroughfares galore. Busts of Jupiter in unexpected places. Saw more roman profiles than ever before but the people couldn’t have been nicer. Well except for the one Whiney female but we will excuse her as she was only three and Fa Molto caldo.  

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  1. Wifey

    Never been so glad to see our train stop! But the busts of Jupiter (my man!) made up for it.

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