Sorrento and Capri

10/1. Walked to Sorrento today from Saint Angello. The town dresses up in black and goes “strolling” daily. Why black? I have no idea. We found this little (but oh so long) shopping ally, and wandered down it until I found a shop that sold handmade terra-cotta statues. I bought a little “good luck” monk. We sat in the piazza for lunch, then rooted out David’s Gelato, for our first, but I’m sure not last, taste of the cold creamy heaven. We then walked down endless stairs to the port and hopped a boat to the isle of Capri. The “funicular” tram was packed, so I talked Ted into following the narrow and steep stairs where the sign said “Centro Capri”. Yeah, Ok, it was me who pooped out about 1/2 way up, but it was a great view all the same. We came back to Sorrento, tired but happy. Had dinner tonight in Saint Angello at the very local “two guys” restaurant. 

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