I love hamburgers! I love them thick, juicy and grilled. Although, a burger on a flat top grill is pretty good too. There are so many variations you can choose in terms of cheese, toppings, and buns. Each of these variations can change the taste and character of the experience, but the beef is the star. Fresh ground is the best, especially if you do it yourself. But good quality 80/20 from your favorite butcher that was ground that day is hard to beat. If you choose one of these options, then cooking it medium rare is very safe. Medium rare is my favorite way to eat a hamburger! Cooked on a gas grill is my usual method since it is convenient, but if you have the time, a burger cooked on a charcoal grill is heavenly. Of course, butter or olive oil on the bun and grilled with your burgers is another tip for a fantastic burger. My “go to” burger is grilled on the gas grill with the buns toasted. I then mix sweet relish and ketchup for the bottom bun as a barrier to the juices so the bun does not get soaked. I then top that with the burger cooked medium rare with a thick slice of Tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheese. Next comes Claussen dill pickles with thinly sliced onions (Vidalia if they are in season). I like shredded iceberg lettuce on top of that. On the top bun goes a spread of Heinz mustard. This is my perfect burger! What’s yours?

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