Rotisserie Chicken


I do a lot more grilling in the summer just for the simple fact that I do not want to heat up the house any more with the oven. I do start missing things roasted in the oven. If you are lucky enough to have a rotisserie on your grill, that is not a problem. Anything you typically roast in the oven, is a perfect candidate for your rotisserie on your grill. You can also roast other items in your grill while your rotisserie is going as well. I decided not to share my recipe for rotisserie chicken, but instead direct you to the blog for the king of rotisserie cooking using your grill. You will get more information, techniques, and ideas for this method of cooking than I could ever give you in this post. So hurry and go check out Dad Cooks Dinner and keep your house cooler this summer.

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